Pizzma's World Airlines


 Welcome any and all pilots of WILAIR.  As fewer pilots use flight sim we are sorry to see another virtual airline close there doors.  I hate to see the staff and pilots not be able to fly so Pizzma's World is opening the WILAIR branch. This will be ran but WILAIR owner Andreas S.  callsign: ANSA.  Over the next few months you'll see alot going on.  Youll see alot of new aircrafts, routes, repints, and pilots. 

Welcome to Pizzma's World Airlines.  Were just a small airline that doesn't require much.  Just fly and have fun.  Since were just a small VA we don't need a big website, all the information you'll need can be found with these pages.  

There's no limit to where you can go.  With 2000+ routes around the world we fly the smallest aircraft's to the biggest.